Janet B

"Jin was our photographer for our wedding in October 2016 and we were beyond lucky to have found him when we did! I am not the bride who looks forward to wedding planning and finding a photographer was stressful enough because there are a million to choose from and they all look fine. But we were so lucky to have found Jin because he understood exactly what we were looking for! We met him first to just meet and talk about what we were thinking of and we left that meeting immediately feeling that we could trust him to make it happen for us! We were interested in more candid than posed shots (knowing that we probably had to do some posed shots because thats what you do at weddings), and he delivered! His photos were gorgeous and gave us the chance to see our wedding from someone else's eyes. He was a complete professional throughout the day, and was so friendly and patient when trying to get all the family shots done. We had multiple people comment on how great he was, including people we know can be hard to impress in our families. My parents loved him so much at one point they asked him for a selfie, which he graciously obliged! We couldn't have been happier with his work and were so happy to see the gorgeous work when the photos were ready! We highly recommend Jin. He is fantastic and you won't be disappointed!"


Brian Y

"Jin and his team were very professional and patient on our wedding day.  We had many guests and programs throughout the day, but Jin was flexible and willing to accommodate different arrangements.  And finally, the pictures came out to be great. I would recommend going to Jin if they are available for your event, I think they'll be getting busier and busier soon."


Nathaniel K

"We were lucky to find Jin via Stephen Hughes Photography for our wedding at Postino in Lafayette, CA in July 2016.  
Jin met with us at the venue a few weeks prior to scope it out and review our schedule, as well as discuss a photo plan.  We got along with him great, as he is very warm, personable, and thoughtful.  During the wedding, he worked behind the scenes and his presence was barely noticed.  Jin must have had a tremendous challenge taking some of these photographs, because our adorable, albeit uncooperative one-year-old was crying throughout the ceremony and afterward.  Yet somehow we still ended up with hundreds of beautiful photos from Jin, including of our tearstained doll.  He sent them in groups.  I think we got the first ten within about a week, then maybe 60 within a month, and the rest within 3 months.
Before the wedding, we told Jin we thought we didn't need a million photos, just of the main events and a few planned ones, but he correctly pointed out that your own wedding day ends up being kind of a blur to you until you see photographs of it, and it's good to take as many as possible throughout and also to think about and plan which posed photos you want to take.  He ended up capturing so many beautiful moments that we will now remember forever, and I'm glad we trusted his experience.  We might have otherwise sent him home early and missed so many stunning photos and great memories.  
I would recommend Jin's photography highly, and I'm glad to serve as a reference!"


Pauline H

"Thank you Jin for such a wonderful experience. It's been a pleasure working with him as our wedding photographer. Jin is always responsive, flexible, open to new ideas and so patient!!
As a bride, I can't emphasize how important it is to have a photographer who is willing to work YOUR way- location, specific shots, endless changes in schedule... And Jin did it all at a very reasonable pricing.
Did I mention he worked really great with our dog too? ;)
Look no further for a photographer- Jin is your guy!"


Pamela H

"Jin photographed our engagement photo shoot in July and our wedding in October 2016 and my husband and I are so happy we worked with him! Shortly after finding Jin online, we met him at a Starbucks in March to see if we connected and had any chemistry (very important to have with your photographer). He was at a table when we arrived and we liked him right off the bat - he was friendly, professional, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to.
We originally hired him to photograph our wedding day only, but in June we decided it might be nice to do an engagement shoot since it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture this happy time in our lives. :) We had no idea where we wanted to take the photos so Jin provided lots of great recommendations for locations. After visiting a few of the spots, we decided on Piedmont Park and Jin took the most beautiful and romantic photos of us there! We were very happy we did the engagement shoot because it made us feel even more comfortable with him and confident about the photos that would be taken on our big day.
On the day of the wedding, Jin was just as professional, arriving early and taking wonderful candid shots of our family who arrived at the church early too. Jin has a great photography style - he gave us all of the classic wedding photos we wanted but also took lovely candid shots. In fact, the candid shots were my favorites! He was able to capture so many special moments between our family members and friends, emotional expressions from our parents during the ceremony and reception, etc. When we saw the final product, it felt like we could relive the entire day but see all the moments we hadn't observed because we were running around as the bride and groom. Jin worked the entire wedding and reception on his own and was able to capture the most important moments of the day. His rate was extremely reasonable for the quality of his work and we would recommend him to anyone!"


Min L

"Jin took our family photo beautifully. He is very patient and cheerful to make us comfortable and fun. We enjoyed being in pose, He tries to capture us naturally. So it turned out to be very satisfying images we love!!
I strongly recommend him to be your professional photographer for your wedding, birthday party, year anniversary. You will keep precious memory vividly forever!"


Jeeyong P

"We had Jin as the photographer for our family photos when my girl turned three years old. We went for an outdoor photo session as we wanted to take our pictures with nature as the backdrop, and it was really hot during the day of shooting. Jin gave us great suggestions on how to pose for the pictures, and wow, all the pictures came out looking very lively and well staged.  He came across as a photographer who's super efficient and professional, and who knows how to read what costumers want. He was very effective in entertaining my daughter to keep her engaged while capturing her personality in the pictures. We loved all the photos we received then, and we can't wait for another photo session with him when my kid turns 4 years old."


Takeo T

"Jin photographed our family photo and gave us a gift that will last for many years. He got gifted artistic eye to frame us nicely into canvas, and it is priceless memory that will be with us forever. We definitely enjoyed being taken pictures by Jin as he optimized our time together, capturing us in multiple spots at the chosen site, and being such a friendly person to make us feel relaxed. His funny and kind character as a person also managed my little two kids very comfortable during the photo session. You don't need to search any further for passionate photographer who will capture the moment of your natural beautiful expression. I highly recommend him to be your professional photographer for your wedding, birthday party, and family photo for special occasion."